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Shawn uses the following:


2005 Heritage H535 20th Anniversary - 335 style w/ Wolfetone "Legends" pickups

2004 Gibson Historic '57 Gold-Top Les Paul (Darkback) w/ Wolfetone "Dr. Vintage" pickups

2003 Taylor 710 CE - Steel String Acoustic w/ Taylor Expression System Pickup

2010 Madrigal 77CTWE - Nylon String Classical w/ Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Pickup

2003 Darden Guitars Stratocaster w/ Lindy Fralin "Callaham Special Wind" pickups

2004 Darden Guitars Telecaster w/ Jason Lollar "Special T" pickups

1952 Gibson ES175N (Blonde) w/ Original P90



Kentucky KM150 Standard A Model Mandolin

Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo (4 string)



2012 Evans Custom Amplifiers AH200 Head and JES200 Cabinet

2007 Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic w/ Weber VST California Ceramic speakers - 1 Aluminum dome, 1 Large H Screen dome with added bias adjustment modification

1965 Blackface Super Reverb w/ Weber VST 10A150 (P10N) speakers

1955 Fender Tweed Deluxe w/ "Hellatone" Celestion Vintage 30 speaker

1964 Blackface Vibroverb "Clone" (Built it myself from a '69 Bandmaster Reverb Chassis!) w/ JBL D130F speaker reconed by Weber VST



Ernie Ball VP Jr. - Volume Pedal

T.C. Electronic - NR-1 Nova Reverb 

Monsterpiece STUD Overdrive (Klon Centaur "Klone")

Tone Monk Phoenix (Klon Centaur "Klone")

Fulltone Custom Shop Fulldrive 3 - 20th Anniversary Edition #125 (Overdrive)

Fulltone Fulldrive 2 - 10th Anniversary Edition Mosfet (Overdrive)

MJM FX Phantom Overdrive (TS9 style Overdrive)

Analogman King of Tone w/ High Gain Red Side and Mode Toggle Switch (Overdrive/Distortion)

Ibanez "Baked" TS9 - modded by Robert Keeley (Overdrive)

Reinhardt Willard (Rat style distortion pedal)

Hermida Audio Zendrive SE (Special Edition version)

Real McCoy Custom Picture Wah (Handwired)

Real McCoy Custom Wheels of Fire Wah (Handwired) w/ Foxrox Wah Buffer Retrofit

Real McCoy Custom 10th Anniversary RMC3LE Wah w/ "McCon-o-Pot" replacement (Handwired)

Analogman Foxrox Wah Retrofit Stand Alone Pedal

Analogman NKT275 Germanium Sun Face (Fuzz - Red Dot)

Analogman BC182/BC183 Silicon Sun Face (Fuzz)

Analogman BC108 Silicon Sun Face (Fuzz)

Analogman BC183 (NOS BC183!) Silicon Sun Face (Fuzz)

Chicago Iron Octavian (Octave/Fuzz)

Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia Special Edition (Octave/Fuzz)

Acid Fuzz MKII Tonebender (NOS OC75 Transistors) w/ bias knob, tone switch, and battery kill switch

Williams Vintage Tone - TB Professional MKII (Tonebender Replica - NOS OC81 Mullard Transistors)

Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe 

Keeley 2 knob Compressor

Keeley Java Boost (Dallas Rangemaster Replica - OC44 Transistor)

Fulltone Choralflange

Fulltone Supa-Trem

Strymon El Capistan (Tape Delay)

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail (Analog Delay)

Boss RV5 Digital Reverb

Boss DD20 Giga-Delay

T.C. Electronic Polytune Mini "Noir"

Peterson Strobostomp Tuner

Pedaltrain PT2 w/ Hard Case

Mono M80 "Tour" case for Pedaltrain PT2

Pedaltrain Jr. w/ Soft Case

Stompin' Ground Pedalboard w/ Hard Case

Cioks DC10 Power Supply






Wegen GP250 2.5 mm (Black)

Wegen Twins 2.5 mm (Black)

Wegen Bluegrass 1.4 mm (Black)

Red Bear Trading Company Style F - XH - 1.8 mm w/ grip holes