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From: Mark Campayno
On: June 23, 2015 @07:10 pm
Nice site! I'm Allan's teacher. He's with you at GMU this week. Keep up the great work! Mark
From: doug peete
On: September 26, 2011 @10:49 pm
i found them!!- false alarm-
From: doug peete
On: September 26, 2011 @10:05 pm
Hey Shawn-i lost my first page of 15 essential jazz lines when i traveled on business last week, anyway i could get/buy a copy from you-the bop is still getting better! thx
From: Ernie Durawa
On: September 05, 2011 @09:25 pm
Shawn, What a pleasure to meet you and play with you. You're the best!!! Ernie Durawa-Texas Tornados
From: Jostein Gulbrandsen
On: September 01, 2010 @11:02 am
Great playing! Love your website.
From: Jostein Gulbrandsen
On: September 01, 2010 @11:02 am
Great playing! Love your website.
From: Michael Perri
On: May 11, 2010 @09:12 pm
My Guitar teacher, Ian of Champaign School of Music, who is no longer working there as of today. He suggested you to me for further guitar lessons. You have substituted for Ian before and had a lesson with me. Could you e-mail me the cost of lessons i'm not sure if it's affordable or not. It would be greatly appreciated if you reply soon. Thank you, Michael Perri
From: gabriel villuendas
On: November 30, 2009 @09:37 pm
greetings for music
From: Cecelia Buechele Foster
On: October 09, 2009 @04:48 pm
Last Sat. you played in Butler and just wowed the entire audience! Thank-you for your time and talent. It was a magical evening! Thank-you! Cecelia Buechele Foster,M.S. Executive Director Community Health Clinic of Butler County
From: Stormin' Norman
On: July 08, 2009 @11:19 am
I have made numerous changes to my website, including the addition of new photos and songs to the song list; updating the "About Me" page; etc. Check it out when you get a chance: Thanx, Shawn - Have a great day! Norman
From: Stormin' Norman Woolsey
On: July 08, 2009 @11:13 am
Hey, Shawn - Are you keeping up with your studies? The solo gigs are keeping me very busy and, as a result, I have reached Nirvana. Hope you are doing well. Peace: Norman
From: Walter Johns
On: April 18, 2009 @08:16 pm
Hi Shawn
From: Stormin' Norman
On: August 26, 2008 @01:25 pm
Hey, Shawn . . . Keep rockin' . . . I mean, keep jazzin'!!! Ha! Norman
From: Gene and Pattye Ludwig
On: August 08, 2008 @08:59 am
Hi Shawn, Love the look of the new website, great job. We're still hoping to score a gig somewhere soon where we can make some great music together again. Best wishes and keep swinging. Gene and Pattye