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Guitarist, Educator, Composer, Arranger

"The combination of soul and relentless drive is what makes Shawn Purcell's music so appealing..." - Sean Jones

"I can't find the words that convey the feelings that emerge from the presence of a great player. It happens once in a while and now is one of those times.  Shawn Purcell has "layed it down" with "Symmetricity," a great album! Bravo my friend." - Pat Martino 

“On this recording, Shawn has found a unique blend of what makes jazz, jazz. While it is firmly rooted in the best of the organ trio jazz sound, the music points to what is possible. Filled with modern and interesting harmonies and melodies, the music never loses the human touch. This is rare indeed...Shawn and crew have created a rich expression of creative and warm music...” - Rodney Jones

"If you’re wanting to hear beautifully written tunes, ferocious soloing, guitar playing 2nd to none in a killer organ trio setting with the fabulous Pat Bianchi that has both traditional and fresh new sounds, look no further than this most recent recording..." - Wayne Wilkinson 

"Purcell's liquid-fire delivery displays a remarkable acuity..." - Matt Micucci (JAZZIZ Magazine)

"...Shawn Purcell is consistently inventive while altering his sound and approach depending on the song, always serving the music..."

- Scott Yanow (Jazz Journalist)

"...Purcell and company birth a unique energy here that embraces all the hallmarks of post-bop’s past, and injects a very modern appeal..." - Take Effect Reviews

"...Shawn Purcell’s “180” is full of twists and turns that take the listener through the entire history of organ trio possibilities while pointing effortlessly to the future of the idiom. His talents as a guitarist, improviser, and composer are on full display, while still serving the music and his bandmates in an honest and musical way..." - Zakk Jones (Jazz Guitar Today)

Shawn is an Origin Records recording artist, Benedetto Guitars artist, D'Addario Strings artist, Ted Weber Loudspeakers artist and Tomas Jackson Musical Electronics artist.

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Tomas Jackson Musical Electronics

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