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eBook Testimonials:

“This is wonderful, Shawn! It’s a treat to be able to study the tunes and the solos along with the recordings. It’s one thing to transcribe great solos on your own, it’s another thing altogether to get to learn what’s in the mind of the player. This is a great tool for anyone serious about the instrument.” - Noel Johnston

“The goal of the previous generation of musicians/teachers is to want their students to take what we give them to the next level. Shawn Purcell is a perfect example of this goal being realized. His new album “180” is fantastic and it is a gift to be able to use these books to study what is contained in the wonderful music. I’m so proud of the musician/person that Shawn has become.” - Ken Karsh

“Not only is Shawn a world-class player and educator, but also a world-class composer, these two E-books give you up close insight into modern jazz composition, with excellent in-depth analysis. I highly recommend these books for anyone wanting to expand their compositional chops and also add to their live playing repertoire.” - Chuck Underwood

General Testimonials:

"...Folks - you are not going to believe how hip his playing is..."Missed It By an Inch" is one of the coolest jazz guitar originals I have ever heard...

- Contemporary Fusion Reviews (Dick Metcalf)

"Shawn Purcell’s latest musical offering once again confirms his absolute mastery of the guitar, his signature style and the total command of jazz language. His style is personal and engaging with a quiet intensity. Shawn’s brilliance as a composer and guitarist shines masterfully on each of the albums tracks. You will thoroughly enjoy this recording!" 

- Steve Allee

“…on his new album, Symmetricity, he (Purcell) goes full speed ahead and creates an exciting sound that bounces from genre to genre. Jazz guitarists aren’t known for shredding, but that’s such an apt description for what’s going on here with Purcell’s fingers skittering over the fretboard with heat and energy and sweat.” - The Vinyl Anachronist (Part-Time Audiophile)

“His originals are smartly written and sing with interesting harmonic complexities, while still keeping things musical and flowing. Purcell is not just a technician with his playing, he gets into the marrow of a song and puts forth stunning performances to illuminate his idea.” - 5 Finger Review

“Shawn Purcell's compositions and arrangements are as stimulating as his thoughtful, imaginative, and ardent guitar playing. With his terrific band, "Symmetricity" is Purcell's outstanding, if long overdue, debut.” - In a Blue Mood (Ron Weinstock)

“A high octane kind of player that has hand picked a crew that is in the right church and the right pew, this is a solid dose of classic New York jazz where anything can happen and usually does.  A wonderful wild ride.” - Midwest Record

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